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Rubbish and Waste Removal

The two biggest headaches with removing rubbish from your property are: how on earth are you going to transport it all, and where are you going to take it?

Don’t bog yourself down with the details. Simply call Hampton Waste Management and we will take care of everything for you.

We will advise you on the simplest and most affordable solution, whilst making the most out of your recyclables, and reducing your carbon footprint.


How the waste removal process works

If you’ve already sorted your waste into groups, great. Otherwise, our waste removal operatives will separate the materials where possible, onsite. This allows us to efficiently dispose of your waste and recyclables in the most appropriate manner. Not only that, but it can help to keep your waste removal and disposal process costs down as well. Everybody wins!

In any case, most regulated rubbish tips will sort through and separate materials, such as metals, plastics, and all other recyclables, which are then transferred to the relevant recycling facilities.

Safe and responsible waste disposal is what we do

We understand that you not only want your waste removed as quickly as possible, but for it to be disposed of in the eco-friendliest way possible.  

At Hampton Waste Management, being environmentally conscious is not only important to us, but to our customers, so you can rest assured that all of your waste will be handled safely and disposed of properly.

To give you an idea as to the type of waste items that we can remove for you, here’s a comprehensive list:

If you’d like an idea as to how much it will cost to have your waste removed from your property, please refer to our price list Otherwise, you can simply give us a call and we will take care of you.

Hampton Waste Management specialises in domestic rubbish collection, commercial waste removal, rubbish clearance and skip hire. Our highest priority is to dispose of your waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible. For this reason, all waste collected by us is transferred and processed only at authorised waste & recycling centres in and around London.​​ We offer same-day services, seven days a week and are happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation on request.

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