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For large appliance removal in London, you need a painless service carried out by professionals. Whether it be an old washing machine, or a broken dishwasher, large appliances can be a nightmare to remove and dispose of by yourself. Fortunately, at Hampton Waste Management, our operatives are well-versed in the safe and efficient removal of large appliances in London. 

We understand that large appliance removal without an extra pair of hands to help you, and a vehicle large enough to transport it, can be a logistical nightmare to arrange. This is why we take great pride in doing what we do; don’t waste your time stressing about the details and leave all of the heavy lifting and coordination to us! 

Our large appliance removal operatives are courteous and professional and will make light work of your old appliances. They will safely remove them from your property and subsequently dispose of them.

We’ll make sure waste doesn’t go to waste 

At Hampton Waste Management, waste reduction is incredibly important to us. Thus, we can appreciate the desire to re-home your used large appliances. Where possible, any appliances that are in solid working condition will be donated. Otherwise, your old appliances will be broken down, with all of their parts disposed of in the eco-friendliest manner possible.

Our promise to you

Hampton Waste Management promises a fast, efficient, and painless large appliance removal service in London, with competitive and transparent prices.

Collection: How and where?  

Ideally, we would appreciate that you leave all large appliances outside of your property. That way, our team can remove them as quickly and efficiently as possible. If for whatever reason this is not possible, our team will be able to remove the waste items from inside your property. You will however, need to ensure that they have a clear and unobstructed path in order to do so. 

Our large appliance removal services cover a large area across London. To book your appliance removal today, simply click the book now button.

How much does it cost? 

At Hampton Waste Management, we strive to offer great value with highly competitive prices. Here is a list of our prices for various sized large appliance removal in London:

  • Washing Machine —  £21.00
  • Tumble Dryer—  £21.00
  • Dishwasher —  £21.00
  • Cooker/Oven —  £21.00
  • Integrated Oven/Hob —  £21.00

Please note that our prices may vary depending on size, and the complexity of the removal process. Feel free to refer to our full price list page for more information. Or alternatively, you can speak to us directly. 

Hampton Waste Management specialises in domestic rubbish collection, commercial waste removal, rubbish clearance and skip hire. Our highest priority is to dispose of your waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible. For this reason, all waste collected by us is transferred and processed only at authorised waste & recycling centres in and around London.​​ We offer same-day services, seven days a week and are happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation on request.

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