Garage Clearance...

Very common use for garages now days is storing unwanted rubbish and unwanted house hold items which accumulate over many years in some cases and become a burden. The task can be very daunting when it comes to tackling a garage full of small to large items due to not having the appropriate means to transport it in a safe and timely manner.


Hampton Waste Management can undertake any garage clearance in and around London for you quickly and safely. This will not only be saving you time but it will free up space which you can use to start parking your car in or make use of it in any way you will enjoy!

Some of the items we can clear and dispose of:

  • Bicycles

  • Old Furniture

  • General waste and rubbish

  • Bags of clothes

  • Cookers

  • Domestic Fridges


  • Washing machines

  • Old unwanted tools

  • Broken car parts

  • Card board boxes

  • Old doors

  • Broken sheds

Arranging a garage clearance with Hampton Waste Management is easy! Call us to discuss the details, we will require some pictures to give you a more accurate estimation which can be easily done over email or we can have one of our team members come out to inspect the job in more detail. They will be able to give you a price for the job at hand on the spot. If you are happy with our competitive rate we will get to work right there and then.